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Can You Paint Stucco?

Yes, you can paint stucco, and you can repaint a stucco home that has been previously painted. Key question is it unpainted stucco, or has it been painted previously. I wondered why this question was asked, seeing as how it seems to be a simple answer (YES!), but there are a few things to take into account, so it is a deeper question than it appears to be on the surface. Special elastomeric paints designed to be applied over stucco are available, and are highly recommended for painting over stucco (previously painted or not). Yes, you can paint over already painted stucco and it is usually easier than painting over a non painted stucco finish. You do not need primer, in most cases either, and the paint will usually last for quite a while before needing another coat. There are some advantages to repainting an already painted stucco finish but the prep work is usually the same. Pressure washing the stucco first is the best kind of prep work you can do and will increase the chances of the new paint sticking to the stucco or the old paint. If you have any patches to address on your stucco, then […]

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What’s the best color for your house?

The exterior color of any house is what people notice first. Do you want to fit in or do you want to stand out! It’s your house, so what looks good to you? That’s a start to the discussion! The exterior color of any house is something that pulls the attention of people from outside. There is a famous saying that “the first impression is the last”. So, it is essential to be careful while choosing the color for the exterior of your house. It should match with the neighborhood and the environment that your house is set in. We’ll be happy to help you with the color selection – Get in touch (and it’s free)! That said, the most popular choices of 2021 were: Our Favorites Whites – White is the symbol of peace and serenity. There is no need to get confused over the subtle shades of white. Just go with the classic white or the ivory white shade for that crisp and sleek look. Just add some color at the front door and around the windows and fascia to complete the classy look. Grays – Grays are one of the most popular home colors outside. Both the lighter shades

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