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We know that paint can brighten a room, add value to a home and totally change the look of a building. Z Pro Painting is a professional painting company, in San Diego, CA offering a variety of high-quality interior and exterior painting services.

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With homeowners spending more time at home now than ever before, the renovation and investments list keeps growing and growing. Whether it be painting a room or giving your wife that dream kitchen, contractors are needed now more than ever before.

 Safety measures and sanitation practices are able to prevent COVID-19 and make it a must-do before, during, and after workers enter your home or business. 

The most basic precaution to take as a homeowner and contractor is to wear a mask while in each other’s space. 

According to the CDC and other medical professionals, both parties wearing masks does significantly lower the risk of contracting COVID-19. It’s really a choice – our employees wear masks and minimize any direct contact for everyone’s safety.

We follow all federal, state, and local guidance on this issue. 

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