DIY Painting Safety

If you’re going to be painting around your home, it’s important to take some safety precautions. Here are a few tips from Z Pro painting to keep in mind:

-Wear proper clothing. This means closed-toe shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt.

Basic clothing, with protective common-sense, are the basics to protective clothing for painting,

-Wear a dust mask or respirator to avoid inhaling paint fumes

Wearing a mask is really just common sense. It filters the airborne particulates to keep them out of your lungs,

-Cover any exposed skin with petroleum jelly or a similar product.

Coveribng exposed skin with petrolemium  jelly is a old trick of professional painters. Dried paint comes off with soap and water much easier when there’s a thin coat of petroleum jelly between the driven pain and  your skin.

-Keep a window open for ventilation.

Fresh air is your friend! Ventilation with fresh air works for you,and minimizes the need for a mask. It doesn’t replace the mask, but helps the mask filter the paint molecules in the air, and benefits you!

-Avoid painting in areas where there is a lot of dust or debris.

Dust IS NOT your friend when you’re painting. Avoid painting in areas where there is a lot of dust or debris. Take the time to clean the area.

-Clean up your painting area when you're finished


You’ll notice when you finish painting that often there are small spills and spatters that somehow manage to find their way onto undesired surfaces. Often people ignore these small blemishes, imagining they won’t make much of a difference. However, fresh paint spills can easily be removed, giving your paint job a much cleaner finish. All you need to do is use some Diggers Paint Cleanup on a damp cloth and wipe it away.


You can fast track your clean up by making less mess. It might sound obvious but taking some precautionary steps at the start of your paint job will make all the difference at the end.

Clean up your painting area when you’re finished.

DIYers Painters - Safety Tips From Professionals

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