How Often Should I Repaint My Stucco?

This is a good question and unfortunately there is no clear answer. We usually recommend that people have their stucco repainted every 5-10 years or at least inspected to see if there is any chipping, fading, etc. happening.

One thing to keep in mind is that some walls might see much more exposure to the sunlight, rain, wind, etc. and might need more attention than other walls around your home. In Southern California for example, the walls that are exposed to the South will usually get battered by the elements and will have most of the issues, while the walls facing North will sometimes seem untouched.

Elastomeric paints from manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams are also available for direct application over stucco. These elastomeric paints cover minor stucco cracking, allow the stucco to “breath, and offer a significantly longer time between the need to repaint your stucco. They are “tintable” and resist efflorescence.

How Often Should I Repaint My Stucco?

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