Raad Jerjis

After interviewing several painters, I ended up hiring Zach to paint the exterior of my house. He was highly recommended by one of my closest friends. I am so grateful for the work that he and his crew have done. I became more and more convinced that this was the right decision that I made. These guys were so professional, meticulous, and did an outstanding job in painting my historical home with a complicated paint design that was done by a designer. The design had six different colors, including the fence. They did an amazing job in matching the design.
They came in every day on time and diligently worked for 8 days and going through many phases of the painting process. They worked wholeheartedly scraping, sanding, priming before painting, and cleaning afterwards. These guys knew what they were doing and I didn’t have to supervise or micromanage them. As I was watching them, the work that they did was indeed a “Work of Love.” They poured all their passion into this work as if they were working on their own house. In particular, J.R, the lead painter, showed up every day at 7:00 with a smile on his face and ready to start the work. He was so instrumental in instructing the rest of the crew members on what to do.
I was so impressed with the quality of their professionalism and friendly demeanor. I highly recommend Zach and his crew for any painting Job. I told Zach that I would be more than happy to have any of his potential customers to look at the paint job they did for my house.

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