Z Pro Cabinet Painting Tips for DIY Cabinet Painting

modern kitchen painting - Z Pro PaintingWhen deciding whether to hire a painter or paint the kitchen cabinets yourself (DIY), cost is an important factor to consider. While hiring a professional painter may seem more expensive upfront, there are several factors to take into account.

Not all of us can afford to go out and hire a professional house painter, and even if you can, nothing replaces the personal satisfaction of doing the job yourself. If you choose to hire a painter, you can expect to pay for their expertise, labor, and materials. Professional painters have the necessary skills and experience to achieve high-quality results, efficiently. They also have access to specialized tools and equipment that can ensure a smooth and even finish. Additionally, professional painters often have insurance coverage, which provides protection in case of any accidents or damages during the project.

Take extra care when prepping the area to paint!

One of the reasons why adequate preparation is critical in terms of interior house painting involves the idea that you’re mitigating risk now of potential problems once the project begins. Even seasoned painting contractors who have been in the business for years will still drip and splatter paint – it happens to everyone.

On the other hand, taking on the painting project yourself can potentially save you money. You’ll only need to purchase the paint and any necessary supplies, and you won’t have to pay for labor costs. However, it’s important to consider your own skill level and experience with painting. If you’re not confident in your abilities, it may result in a subpar outcome, requiring additional time and money to fix mistakes or hire a professional to redo the work.

Moreover, keep in mind the size and complexity of the project. Painting a small room or a single wall may be manageable for a DIY approach, but larger areas or more intricate surfaces (such as cabinet painting) may require professional expertise.

Ultimately, deciding whether to hire a painter or do-it-yourself depends on your budget, time availability, skill level, and the scale and complexity of the project. It is worth considering obtaining multiple quotes from professional painters to compare costs before making a final decision.

Use an Electric Sander

Before painting any surface, it is important to finish the prep by sanding it. Starting with a small number grit sandpaper, go over each cabinet door and base. Using a larger grain paper like 80 grit to start is ideal. Then, sand the doors again with 120 grit sandpaper. Keep a 140 or higher grit sandpaper to scuff the surface lightly between paint, varnish, stain, and primer applications.

Paint the Cabinets Right

Coat the surfaces in thin layers of paint to minimize streaks, drips, and blobs. Give each coating at least 24 hours to dry before applying the next coat. If the weather is humid or rainy, then adding extra drying time probably will be necessary. Using a fan or central air system with a dehumidifier will also speed up the process.

Paint the face of your cabinets last!

There is no need for flipping a second time when you paint the bottoms of the cabinet and the insides first. When these parts are dry, then you can turn them over once to paint the fronts.  Even with multiple layers and polyurethane, completing the inside and base first will prevent the need to turn over the cabinets several times.

Don’t skip the top coat!

A cover coat not only protects your cabinets’ paint job, but also adds a layer of shine and gloss. This extra protection prevents water and stains from damaging the paint, keeping your kitchen looking bright and clean.

Give your cabinets time to dry

You’ll get the best results if you give your cabinets a full week to fully dry and to cure. This will prevent door slaps and bangs from chipping the surface, and it’ll also stop the hardware from scratching your new cabinet paint.

Professional Painters or DIY Painting?

Short answer – there are a lot of variables that go into a home painting project – and that goes for any room in the interior of your home. If you’re looking for an affordable way to make your home or business feel clean and fresh, why not give your cabinets a new coat of paint or a complete refinishing? With the right preparation and curing, you can add value and create a fresh look with cabinet painting.

Pick the right paint and how the room will be used, and all is good. Select the wrong type of paint, even with the right color, and disaster may be in your future at worst. At best, you’ll get less than desirable results and need touch-ups or full repainting sooner than you expected. In general, the glossier the paint, the more durable it is, although some paints are designed specifically to be very durable, regardless of sheen.

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Hire A Pro? Do-It-Yourself (DIY)?

Local San Diego Professional Painters! If you’re ready to give individual rooms in your home a new coat of paint, don’t do it alone! Room painting can not only be time-consuming and stressful, but it can also result in less than professional results.

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We’ll ensure smooth and consistent results free of drips, seams, and inconsistencies.

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